There are several cases in which, even after developing a great application with a lot of functionality and beautiful aesthetics, the developers cannot see their app succeeding on the app store. In such cases, there is a high probability that the developer is not focusing on efficient marketing techniques. App store optimization is one of the marketing techniques that you can use to ensure that your application gets the rankings and popularity that it deserves.

Here we shall discuss the top 5 app store optimization strategies that you can use to ensure that your application rises amongst tough competition.

  1.       Upload Application Media

People do not want to read lengthy application description. Instead, they prefer seeing the application in use before downloading it. You can easily depict all your application’s features using screenshots from a live interface. On an advanced level, you can also record video of the application usage and upload it along with the application description on the App Store.

  1.       Use Video Trailers

In case you are developing a highly interactive application like a game, you can also create dedicated video trailers for marketing. A video trailer is different from the application usage recording. You can use fanciful animations and characters to create an exciting video trailer that captures the imagination of potential users. Clash of Clans is a very good example of an application that uses a video trailer to promote the game and its features.

Tips for App Store Optimization
Tips for App Store Optimization

It is a great idea to hire a professional video editor or graphic designer to create a video trailer for your application since a clumsily designed video trailer might have a negative effect rather than a positive one.

  1.       Use App Analytics

You can make marketing decisions only by keeping track of your application’s progress on the app store efficiently. Assessing the analytical data will help you in deciding the amount of capital that you need to invest in the marketing and advertisement of the application. Either you can use the inbuilt app store analytical tool for the developers or can download a dedicated application used solely for keeping tabs on an application’s progress.

Some of the famous websites and applications commonly used for keeping track of application progress include AppRankCorner, Appstatics, Appnique, etc.

You must also invest a considerable amount of time in reviewing the customer comments and reviews to roll out updates that fulfill the customer needs. It is a good idea to stay in touch with your customers know more about their application usage experience and complaints.

  1.       Classify your Application Properly

Whenever you launch a new application on a mobile app store, you must classify your application in one or more categories. During this stage, you need to ensure that you classify your application under the proper category. In case your application belongs to more than one categories, you should not hesitate in selecting more than one options. However, you need to ensure that you classify the application primarily on its main function.

For example, if you launch your application as a game, but it also contains fancy music, you can classify it under both the domains. However, your primary classification should be games rather than music.

  1.       Develop SEO-friendly Content

On uploading a new application, you are asked to fill up a description form for the customers to read. App store officials also use this description as a primary means of sorting out applications when a customer searches for an application using the app store search bar. You need to ensure that you use an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly content to attract the customers. It is a good idea to hire a professional content developer or conduct a comprehensive market research in search of keywords for your particular application.

If you are not giving due importance to optimizing your app, you are blocking its growth. App Engine Optimization can be the key to multiply your downloads and popularity.

Follow these five simple app store optimization techniques diligently; your application will soon rise to one of the top applications on the app store.