Modern application development process is the culmination of various factors that play an important part in making the application successful. Unlike the earlier days, where development of a useful application was enough to get the user’s attention, the scenario is now different. The need for an appealing interface and innovative ideas is increasing; thanks to constantly rising competition in the market. The application developers are not only coming up with great ideas for applications but also apply new development processes that reduce the development time by increasing their efficiency.

DevOps is one such wholesome application development process that has effectively reduced the need for separate development and operation processes. More and more application developers are relying on the DevOps practices to develop wholesome applications.

Here are the top 5 reasons why the popularity of DevOps practices is rising.

Correct Identification of Problem Statement

Since the entire team is working on a problem statement from the beginning to the very end of the project, more ideas are generated in a small time. This helps the team get multiple perspectives on the problem statement and eventually helps them in coming out with novel ideas to solve the issue.

Importance of DevOps in Modern Application Development
Significance of DevOps in Modern Application Development

Shorter Development Period and Faster Delivery

DevOps process includes strategic planning and time as well as resource allotment stage. Having a set plan from the beginning of the project helps the team move in a fixed direction thereby reducing the development period. This further helps them deliver the application quickly. A faster delivery ensures that the client has ample time for marketing and testing the application.

Faster Problem Resolution

An application development process encounters various problems on the go. It is crucial for the team to solve these problems quickly so that other processes do not need to wait for the resolution. DevOps employs a strategic plan that allows the team to create tickets for problem resolution and effectively keep track of the resolved and pending problems with the application interface.

Stable Operating Environments

DevOps for mobile apps helps in the creation of a stable operating environment within the team. The synergetic approach towards solving the issues and developing the source code helps in creating a stable working environment. Since DevOps for mobile apps lays enough emphasis on the operations, equivalent to that on the development part, it is helpful for creating a synergetic development environment.

Concurrent Engineering Model

DevOps process closely resembles the concurrent engineering model for product development followed by leading companies. This close resemblance allows DevOps to develop applications at a faster rate, thereby effectively reducing the period between two research and development cycles.
Modern application development process requires inputs from various sources to ensure that the needs of the customers are tackled in the proper way. The perfect balance of speed and customer satisfaction is responsible for the rising tenacity of the entire DevOps model. DevOps is a process that is on the way to revolutionizing the mobile application industry.