Job interviews are daunting for candidates seeking job. But it can be equally stressful when you are conducting the interview for the first time.

Hiring can be expensive, particularly a bad hire. As a hiring manager you need to ensure that you hire right candidate in the first attempt so you don’t have to re-initiate the hiring process. If this is your first hiring experience, it is important to get right interview tips from the start.

Given below are the top interview tips for first-time hiring managers.

Interview Tips For Hiring Managers

  • Know your requirement well – Don’t waste time interviewing candidates who are not fit for the role. For this, prepare a proper and detailed job description, which will attract suitable resumes. Define the job title, responsibilities and expectations clearly in the description to avoid irrelevant applications.

  • Discuss with colleagues – Once you’ve finalized your potential candidates, set up an interviewing team. The right way is to include colleagues in the panel, who will be working with the new hire directly and will help you shortlist the right candidates for interviewing. Ask co-workers if they like a particular candidate, these colleagues will provide honest judgements on whether the candidate will be a good for the given position.

  • Start slow – Let your interview flow seamlessly. As you both will be nervous, go slowly – start with brief background about the candidate, his last company and the role he/she was handling. Pay heed to applicant’s body language and communication style during the interview.

  • Come prepared – It is always good to carry a list of questions for the interview. At least, have some questions to initiate the conversation/interview. Having a plan of action ready will help you gain control over the whole process and get the most out of the discussion.

    Interview tips for first time hiring managers
    Hiring for the first time? Get hiring tips here!
  • Throw the right questions – Ask such questions of which you can’t find details in the candidate’s application. Questions based on behaviour and competency are also helpful to get the insights of the candidate.

  • Note key points – Jot down the important points during the interview -it can be a quick scribble on the resume. This is just for future reference when you sit to decide upon the candidate.

  • Be quick – Once you have made your decision, don’t waste time. Because if you stretch it too long after selection, chances are your candidate might accept another offer. Do candidate’s background check, ask for required documents and extend your offer as soon as possible.

  • Learn the art of negotiation – Enter the final discussion fully prepared. Decide beforehand how high can you go and when to step back. You may also offer the candidate some non-monetary benefits, if he/she is not agreeing on the package you are offering.

We know first interview can be nerve-racking, don’t allow it to take toll on you. As long as you are prepared, you know what you are looking for and you have a questionnaire ready, just go with the flow. We are sure it will be a successful session. All the best!

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