Cyber Security Solutions

Bridging the Gap in Security Operations

Cyber security intimidations have become progressively sophisticated and intricate. Businesses, though, haven’t been able to progress at the same speed. As organizations move ahead and embrace new technologies without fully gauging the repercussions these have on the entire firm, they are exposing themselves to a range of cyber security threats.


Infojini is one of the reputed IT Security Solution providers in the sphere. Here, we understand that for businesses functioning in the digital environment, tactical safety against security breaches is crucial and requires solid measures.  Organizations need a comprehensive strategy and toolset to protect your network and data from illicit access.


Our agile security consulting services and outcome-driven approach help companies cut risk, guarantee compliance and secure confidential data and systems across all platforms. Carrying rich domain knowledge in IT Cyber Security, our team can review your practice, evaluate your exposure and provide policy recommendations to safeguard your sensitive data.


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Cyber Security Services

Application Security Testing

Our application security experts conduct web application penetration testing. We conduct various tests such as Authentication and Authorization testing, Data Validation testing, Client Side testing, Error Handling, and Session Management.

Penetration Testing

Our Consultants perform Application and Network Penetration testing  to find vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit.

Security Code Review

Our security programmers review the programming code for any vulnerabilities and any backdoor entries. We provide an in-depth analysis of the security vulnerabilities in the code and provide recommendations of what needs to be changed.

Database Security

Our Database Security Programmers work with the customer’s Database Administrators and create the roles and privileges based on the customer’s unique requirements and the best practices. We also review the current users and the roles and rights assigned to those users. We disclose the vulnerabilities to the stakeholders and recommend changes.

Let Us Help You
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